Tips for buying a yacht. How to buy yachts.

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Many factors contribute to the selection of a yacht and boat. The process should be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Unlike cars, however, recreational yacht are not about simple transportation. Owning yacht is cheaper than most people think. Yacht Brokers are agents that people consult to find and buy yacht, and who people hire to list, represent, and sell yachts for them. Some would-be yacht owners might think they could offset the costs of a yacht by making it available for charter when they’re not using it. Once you have established exactly what you want and how much you are willing to spend it is time to find the ideal yacht. Whatever your reason for buying yacht, you are making a lifestyle choice and this tips will help you get the most out of the experience while avoiding some pitfalls in the process. One of the most important considerations is keeping the total cost of your purchase well within your financial means. Instead, your investment comes as you put your own stamp on her, getting to know the boat intimately over the course of the refit.

  • Motor or Sailing yacht
  • High speed performance, Semi-planing hull shape or slow full-displacement?
  • Will you need access to a location with draft, beam, length or height restrictions?
  • Number of guests cruising onboard and sleeping onboard?
  • Will the yacht accommodate a suitable number of crew to match your service expectations?
  • Where in the world do you wish to travel?

However a more rewarding option might be to select a yacht broker of your own, and consult with that broker about all of your boats of interest, and let that broker represent you in your enquiries and transactions. Before you purchase your yacht you need to ask yourself a few key questions to make sure that the boat you are considering buying will serve your purposes i.e. One of the worst positions you can be in is to have to liquidate and finding that your liability is more than your equity. Be honest with your broker about what you’re looking for. Once a suitable yacht is found a formal offer is made by the buyer. We highly recommended that you not only view the boat but you try it out too.

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